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Ares Trash Talk Etiquette Or: How not to appear witless

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Posted 06 February 2005 - 11:30 PM

Read the Guidelines
Before you do anything, read the guidelines. These are mostly common sense, but as most of what follows should also be common sense, it certainly can't hurt to go over them.

Only post in topics where you have worth saying
If your post is less than a few sentences long, then it's highly improbable that it's going to add to the topic. Please, try and put together something worth reading.

Stick to the topic at hand
On any board, there will always be humorous asides. There will always be topics which drift off in a different direction. What there should not be is topics where the topic changes a dozen times in as many posts. Nothing is being accomplished in this case. If you really must change the topic dramatically, take a quote and start a new topic using it.

Do not use the boards like an instant messager service
Nobody is interested in watching two members trade 20 posts in 20 minutes. If you want to have a superficial conversation with someone, there are better avenues, like instant messaging, and, for those who actually know each other from school, these odd, archaic devices called telephones. Use them.

Do not gravedig
Posting in a topic that has long gone unused is more likely to confuse than inform, and more likely to annoy than entertain. Don't.

It's your job to improve the boards, not mine
I get a lot of members appealing to me to "lock this topic", or "lock that topic". The beautiful thing is, the members asking me to "lock this topic" are the often same ones causing the problems in "that topic". It's very easy to respond to frivolous posts, thinking that your response is in some way more meaningful than the post which prompted it. It isn't.

Now, have a pleasant stay.
Sundered Angel,
The One and Only

Ares Webboard Moderator, and all-around Nice Guy

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