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Cythera Chronicles: Once Again, Part One as Ferazel saw it

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Posted 22 November 2000 - 03:57 PM

My name is Ferazel. I live in Pnyx. When Talos attacked and destroyed Pnyx, I was there. This is my story of what happened:

When Talos attacked, I fled. There was a passage in the southern wall that lead to a tunnel out of Pnyx. I ran there. After I got inside and Feraz Locked the passage, I stayed there. Occasionaly casting Far Sight, I leared the formation they were attacking in.

After quite a while, someone approached. It was Jack Frost, a fellow mage, and Rogan with his team. I stepped from the shadows, and Jack cast a lighting spell. "What are you doing here?" Jack asked me.

"After the beasts broke through our ranks, everyone scattered. I ran to this passageway with hellish minions on my heels. After making it though the secret door, I cast Feraz Lock on it to prevent the damn demons from opening it back up. I've been waiting here ever since, occasionaly using the spell Far Sight to see what the creatures inside Pynx are doing. What about you?"

"I was captured by Talos' commander and held captive until these fine warriors got me out," answered Jack, nodding to Rogan.

"Can they be trusted?" I asked, looking suspiciously at Rogan and his men. "I mean, what if they use this passage against us later?"

"We must trust them, because we need them to take back Pynx. Other worries must wait for later. For now we must wait look and wait for the right time to attack."

Rogan and his men flexed there ready muscles as Jack and I used Far Sight to examine the creatures defenses. A demon was going on patrol down the hallway. Suddenly, he heard a sound, but too late. One of Mutaro's arrows penetrated his skull and left him dead on the ground. Mutaro pulled out the arrow and put it back in his quiver. "To avoid confusion," Rogan whispered, "I want you to stay here." He pointed at Angus, Keno and Rongar. "I need only Mutaro, Lucas and Korax with me. Guard the tunnel."

With those words, Rogan went down the hallway followed by the others. "I know Pnyx as well as the back of my hand," Lucas whispered, "Around the corner is a stairway leading down."

I agreed. Jack looked around the corner and said, "Nothing. That demon must have been the only one." Lucas and I went down the stairs followed by Jack, Rogan, Korax and Mutaro.

"The room at the bottom is supposed to be a tome storage for illeagal tomes Pnyx confiscated," I said, halfway down the steps.

"Only the top mages were told of this. Ferazel and I were some that learned of this," Jack added.

"At the bottom of the steps will be a door with a magical lock similar to the ones used to lock the Fourth, Fifth, Sixth, Seventh, and Eighth Degree Halls. We were both told the password," I said. By this time, we had reached the bottom of the steps. "PASSWORD?" the door shouted in their heads. Suddenly, the door opened. "You must say the password privately and telepathicly to the door," I said.

Lucas was first to enter the room. It was filled with bookshelves, grimoires and tomes. "Unbelieveable!" he said, "the legends were true!"

As Rogan, Jack, and I began learning extremely powerful spells, and some that could edit the coding of the time continuim, space and time, and the timeflux, they heard Pnyx collapsing over them. Quickly thinking, I cast a spell that would transport his room, and Callie the magic cat to safety. "We gotta get outta here!" I shouted.

"I'll use Full Nexus, and go to where the road from Pnyx is at almost fully east!" Rogan shouted above the sound of rocks falling.

Minutes later, we were in my room, somewhere hidden in the mountains. I stroked Callie, the magic cat while Rogan looks though my bookshelf.

To be continued when Part Two: Onslaught is completed.

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Posted 28 November 2000 - 03:05 PM

Great story! Posted Image It`s really nice.

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Posted 28 November 2000 - 05:27 PM


I think I'll add a "Different Views" section to the website. Unfortunately, the server is down right now, so I can't make any changes.

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Posted 28 November 2000 - 05:31 PM


Originally posted by Talos:
I think I'll add a "Different Views" section to the website.

*sigh* Please don't go over 4 different views. Some of the stories (ex. Tyrael and Trundaylan) will be almost exactly the same. Its okay to include a few, like Ferazel's fantastic one, but please don't go overboard. Just a word of advice.

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